Laura Jinn , Brooklyn-based artist/producer
“I’m Beginning to Think,” the fourth and final single off her EP Sick!
People are fragments of life, an accumulation of experiences with multiple reflections

This graphic piece shows two portals with diferent reflections, reflections that represent past experiences to build a future, an exchange of energy between two bodies that begin to fall in love.

“I’m Beginning to Think” is about how the person most likely to kill a woman who dates men is a former romantic partner. I was thinking about the funny and gossipy way in which girls talk to each other about new people they’re seeing, and how there’s also this fact that this guy, whoever he is, could turn out to be the person who murders your friend. The total dissonance of being a woman in the world who exists near men that could enact violence on you at any time while you are just living your normal life in that.

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